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Monday June 25, 2018
Indus Organics provides certified organic products for retail and bulk wholesale. Our current products are fine organic culinary herbs, organic spices and organic seeds. Our retail package products are... ... more
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1. Do you offer organic spices and herbs samples?.

Yes, we do offer organic spices and herbs product samples, however we may require a normal charge to cover expenses. A customer can purchase 2 oz products through online retail store and we will refund the amount of purchase when a bulk order is placed.

2. What is your minimum order ?.

We do  have a TOTAL combined minimum order policy of 50 lbs. We want to promote small businesses for organic products while keeping the lower cost. Our order is limited by the packaging of bags and boxes. All our spices are packed in 25/20 or 50 lb bags. All our herbs are packed in 15 lbs cardboard cartons.

3. How do I get the prices for your products?.

We can send the prices for desired spices and herbs if you can send an e-mail to us at

.Please send us the product name and quantity.

4. Why don't you put price list on the Internet?.

We are a bulk wholesaler, our prices, availability and products change with time. We have about 130 products. There are products with same name but different types and granulation. Our prices are sensitive to product availability and end to end port delivery cost. We pass our savings to the customers. We are competitive in market place.

5. We have a Fedex and/or UPS account number. Can I use my shipping carrier for billing ?.

Yes, If you have a FedEx or UPS account we can apply shipping charges to your freight carrier account. Please include your shipper information on the order. We do not charge any handling fee on UPS or FedEx parcels.

6. Cancellations ?.

If for any reason you wish to cancel your order, this must be done within same business day that the order was placed. To cancel your order by e-mail, please write to
or fax your cancellation to (866)571-2601.

We have made these business decsions to lower your cost of buying our products. We look forward to work with you.

7. How do you handle the pesticide and other issues at the farms ?

There are adequate controls to ensure that individual farm locations are monitored for compliance as per USDA standards. Our Internal Inspectors visit the farms at regular intervals and also conduct surprise visits to the farms to find out if there is any usage of unallowed substances. The stock is also inspected before it is brought to our storage point and tagged by our inspectors.  The packing material is  checked to see that we are not using recycled  bags in which fertilizer/pesticide or chemicals was packed. For this we buy new bags for each locations.

The transport is by our own trucks and hence there is no risk  of cross contamination. Even if we hire truck or jeep we do not use trucks/jeeps which are not clean. As soon as the product is brought to the processing unit, the in house Quality Assurance lab personnel draws the sample. At random, we send the raw material to external labs for pesticide residue analysis.

In the processing unit we do not use any pesticide or fumigation. We have put in place a number of barriers, mechanical and ultraviolet traps to prevent insect and rodent entry. Besides this the entire area is cleaned rigorously to prevent any infestation. We also have  a rigorous SSOP in place at all our production sites. The machinery is capable of removing the physical contaminants and our steam sterilization unit (for pepper, ginger and turmeric) can ensure that product is microbiologically safe. Throughout the processing we draw samples and see if the product matches customer spec and/or the international cleanliness standards for spices (ASTA/ESA/USFDA etc). Since we do not handle any conventional spices there is no scope for cross contamination.

8. What is your shipping location ?

All our products are shipped from San Ramon, California warehouse.